Triumph of the nerds

In movies on October 31, 2012 at 5:26 pm

I have always been fascinated by nerds. “Nerds” as in the kind of people who can stay completely focused on one thing for a very long time and often, be really good at it.

I just finished watching a 3 part documentary series called “Triumph of the nerds”. It’s about the Silicon Valley computer nerds who devoted their life to developing the personal computers. I sort of envy them. Not that I want to sit in front of a computer writing codes all day, but the determination and the feeling they seemed to have found doing something they enjoy is kind of fascinating. Because what struck me while watching the documentary was that most of these people were doing what they did because they liked to. It wasn’t to get famous or earn money to get rich, it was something completely else that drove them, a genuine interest in their work.

Now the two main nerds of this documentary, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, both became very rich and very famous so I guess that is part of their “triumph”. But there is maybe one more thing. And that is that more and more people think that nerds are, with one word, awesome!

  1. Fint formulerat. Instämmer totalt om att nördar är awesome =)

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